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Help Sick & Injured Dogs Get The High-Cost Veterinary Care They Need To Live Their Best Lives

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Help Sick & Injured Dogs Get The High-Cost Veterinary Care They Need To Live Their Best Lives

Welcome To Kitu’s Fund 2023

Kitu's Fund saves lives and relieves suffering.

Veterinary care is expensive, and lifesaving treatment can run in the thousands of dollars. Rescue Ranch established Kitu’s Fund to help cover those costs. It is funded entirely by donation: the more donations we receive, the more dogs we can help. Thank you for choosing to support our efforts treat sick and injured dogs, we deeply appreciate it.

With 32 cases this year so far, more than the fund's first three years combined, expenses have already surpassed $29,000. In fact, the need has been so great in 2023, that after going through Kitu's Fund, we've had to draw from the General Fund in order to continue helping high-cost medical cases.

That’s why we've launched Kitu’s Fund 2023 and set a goal of $15,000

Please give if you can. Whatever the amount, your donation will help dogs get the care they need to live their best lives. Thanks to you, more dogs will live.

Our 2 Most Recent Medical Cases:

Miss Molly

Miss Molly was case #32 and our latest high-cost medical case when we launched the Kitu's Fund 2023 on August 1. An affectionate, senior St. Bernard, Miss Molly found a loving long-term foster home in May 2023. There, she discovered the warmth of family with a wonderful couple who is devoted to her.

Miss Molly became their loyal companion, enjoying daily walks, relaxing at home, and taking them on sniffing tours of her new yard. It was simply a match made in Heaven, and we couldn’t have been happier for her.

Sadly, Miss Molly was also plagued with constant pain from recurring ear infections and a completely blocked ear canal. We don’t know how long she suffered with this condition before coming to Rescue Ranch, but it may have quite a while. Her ear didn’t improve over time, despite her new circumstances and the care she received. She continued to live in pain. Surgery was her only option. It would cost close to $4,500. She was our 32nd high-cost medical case this year and Kitu's fund was depleted, but we went ahead anyway. We couldn’t let her down.

Miss Molly underwent the procedure successfuly in July. Now, we look forward to seeing her live out her golden years in comfort: surrounded by love and pain free for the first time in a very long while. "She is a true love for both of us, " says foster dad Rajiv.


Since August 1, another high-cost medical has come in: Noble, cour 33rd case. Noble was found, abandoned and near death. He was just skin and bones, too weak to stand, his body covered in foxtails. His swollen, infected paws were riddled with holes, pierced by the burrowing seed heads as they made their way into and through his body.

Noble has already been through two long sessions at the vet's during which a team of two to four people have spent hours removing foxtails with forceps and treating the deep, infected wounds to his paws, legs, ears, and body.

This wonderful dog has put up with the lengthy poking and prodding without resistance or complaint. It is unfathomable how anyone could neglect and abuse any animal in this way. What's amazing is that Noble still loves people.

He will need more treatments. And when he's healthy enough, he'll be sedated for a deeper exploration of his throat, nose and ears.

There is some happy news, however: so far, Noble is recovering very well. He's already doing much better: standing, slowly wagging his tail, and making eye contact. He’s such a good boy!

Your Gift Will Help Dogs Like Molly & Noble:

You can help dogs of all ages who are living with treatable chroinic pain, life-threatening conditions, and injuries. Your gift will ensure they receive the care they need and deserve for broken bones, cancer, bowel obstructions, severe dental issues, internal injuries, burns, and other critical health challenges. Please give today.

About Kitu’s Fund:

Kitu's Fund is a donations funded program that was originally seeded with a generous donation from the Arthur R. Dubs Foundation. It is named for a young husky named Kitu who was found in 2015 lying injured by the side of the road. His cheerful, can-do attitude inspired everyone around him. Eight years later, he's still a happy healthy boy.

Kitu’s Fund has a dual purpose. It is both an emergency and high-cost medical fund for Rescue Ranch and a no-interest community loan program.

  • The fund helps Rescue Ranch dogs: Some of our dogs have physical trauma, some are diagnosed with cancer, while others require heartworm treatments or extensive dental care.
  • It is also a community no-interest loan program: community members can apply for a no-interest loan to cover high-cost veterinary care.

Learn more about Kitu and the origins of the program in the video below. Our numbers have significantly increased since then.