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Join A LEVEL 3 Kennel Squad!

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Become A Sustaining Member & Save Lives Every Day!

Join A Level 3 Squad!

Recurring donations are the most effective way to support our mission because they create a source of regular income. When you join a squad, you provide ongoing support for as long as you are a sustaining member, which helps us accomplish our work today and plan for tomorrow. When you become a monthly sustainer, you get to choose your squad. More importantly, you get to help dogs every day.

A Kennel Squad is a team of donors who symbolically sponsor a kennel group with their monthly gift. Because of the turnover in rescue, individual dog sporsorships don't work very well for a monthly sustainer program. But the kennels stay put, and they can represent all dogs that have and will come through them. The Squads are a fun way to build team spirit and organize a symbolic sponsorship program. All monthly gifts will go to support our entire effort, wherever needed.

Level 3 Squads
  • Hoppalong Hounds
  • Merry Mutts
  • Frisky Curs
  • Dynamic Doggos
Benefits of Membership
  • Join forces and pool resources with other dog lovers to save dogs and make a real difference
  • Feel great about the positive impact you're having every day
  • Receive a personalized downloadable certificate recognizing your committment and squad membership
  • Become eligible to receive a Rescue Ranch Kennel Squad Mug with the name of your squad after a full year
  • No strings: although we hope you'll stay, you can cancel anytime.
How We Use Your Generous Monthly Gift To Save Dogs
Sponsorship is symbolic and all squad donations will go wherever they will do the most good:
  • Intakes
  • Transport
  • Daily care
  • Critical medical care
  • Facility improvement and maintenance
  • Finding good homes for more dogs
  • Emergency readiness during fire season
  • Support for important Rescue Ranch community programs, such as
    • Kitu’s Fund for high-cost medical care
    • RRAAP our spay/neuter program
    • Low-cost vaccinations and microchips
    • Pet Food Bank
  • Education and outreach
  • And more...
Thank you so much!