Will You Help The Fire Dogs?

Displaced, Evacuated, and Injured Dogs Need Your Help This Fire Season

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Displaced, Evacuated, and Injured Dogs Need Your Help This Fire Season

Your Donation Today Will Help Save Lives

We're so grateful for how our extended community and local businesses always rally around Rescue Ranch in times of crisis. Last year, during the Lava Fire, It made all the difference in the world and allowed us to help a record 214 fire dogs!

This year it is the devastating McKinney Fire that is challenging our community and their pets.

Now We Need Your Help Again

As the Designated Dog Evacuation Center for the county, we do everything we can to help as many evacuees as possible. We even take in cats, birds, and other animals, when the situation warrants it and until better accomodations can be found for them.

As was the case for several Lava Fire dogs in 2021, some fire dogs remain at the ranch for extended periods of time and require different levels of care:

  • Some need emergency medical treatment and their recovery is slow.
  • Others aren't injured, but they go unclaimed and stay with us until they find loving, forever homes.
  • Still others are puppies. Some are weaned, some aren’t. Some require medical attention, some need round-the-clock care.

Let's hope that this year we don't have to face a crisis on that level, but every year is different and every fire is unpredictable. We must do all we can to be ready for anything. We still dont know how many strays, displaced, and/or injured animals will be coming our way once rescue and recover efforts begin in earnest.

And we can't do it without you!

That’s why Rescue Ranch has set a goal of $20,000 for wildfires this year.

Your donation today will help Rescue Ranch meet the community's needs when the time comes.

We are deeply grateful for all donations, whatever the amount, and we can’t thank you enough.

Let's do it for the dogs, together!