Will You Help The Fire Dogs?

Displaced, Evacuated, and Injured Dogs Need Your Help This Fire Season

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Displaced, Evacuated, and Injured Dogs Need Your Help This Fire Season

Your Donation Today Will Help Save Dog Lives Now and in the Future.

Were so grateful for how our extended community rallied around Rescue Ranch for the Lava Fire with their cash donations, volunteering, and organization of food and supply drives. Local businesses also generously supported our efforts. You have all helped us keep up with basic needs in a difficult time.

But We Still Need Your Help to Meet the Challenges of Fire Season 2021:

Challenge #1: Fire season came early, and the Lava Fire won’t be the last. Not all fires will impact populated areas, but it is likely that we have not seen our last fire emergency this year.
Challenge #2: We took in a record total of 150 Lava Fire dogs in just a few days, which put a severe strain on our resources, even with the support we have received so far.
Challenge #3: Many of the Lava Fire dogs remain in our care and some for the long-term:

  • Some dogs needed emergency medical treatment and their recovery will be slow.
  • Other dogs are not injured, but they will go unclaimed and will eventually join our shelter family until they find loving, forever homes.
  • Still others are displaced puppies, some aren’t weaned yet, some require medical attention, some need round-the-clock care.

To overcome these three challenges, we must tend to all the Lava Fire dogs still in our care and get ahead of the next crisis, which could occur at any time over the next few days, weeks, or months.

We need extra food, water, shelter, cleaning and other supplies. We must also consider operating costs, veterinary treatment, on-site care, and medical supplies, such as supplements, antibiotics, burn treatments, pain meds, needles, saline solution, bandages, food supplements, special puppy supplies, and the list goes on.

We just can't do it without you!

That’s why Rescue Ranch is launching this Wildfire Fund Campaign and seeking a minimum of $25,000 to meet our current need and help cushion the initial blow of the next fire.

Your donation today will help Rescue Ranch care for the Lava Fire Dogs and start preparing for the next emergency.

We are deeply grateful for all of your donations, whatever the amount, and we can’t thank you enough.

Let's do it for the dogs, together!